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Monday, September 12, 2011

Pets in the Wedding Party

It is amazing to see that more and more couples are saying their vows with their best friends which are their pets. More couples are having their pets in their weddings as Best Men, Ring Bearers and also Brides Maids. I could see how important it is to pet owners to have their pets right by their sides because they have been there for them through thick and thin.I think the most fun part of it all is creating an outfit just for your pet.It's so adorable when the couple dresses up the dogs or cats in cute little wedding party outfits to match everyone else.

There are some tips to assure that your pet will be a success at your wedding:

1. Make sure that you go through training with your pet. If you practice with them ahead of time it will be less scary for them to walk down the aisle with all the guest watching. Working with an Obedience Trainer can be very beneficial.

2. If you are going to be taking photos, make sure that your photographer is comfortable with you pet and vice versa. When taking photographs the flash may startle your pet and have him to go into frenzy. Making a few appointments with the photographer and even taking pictures of your pet may ease their nerves.

3. If possible have a small treat bag on hand if your pet responds to be awarded for good behavior. This can kinda keep him focused and maybe the Best Man or the Brides Maid could have these goodies available.

Check out some of these photos of wedding party animals.



Photo Credit:http://www.jaredwilsonphotography.com/?postID=265&wedding-at-the-westin-tabor-center-denver-lindsay-and-josh

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