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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Pure Dymonds Events Features- Leslie Minter of Southern Hospitality Catering Services LLC as the " Diamond of the Day"

After careful consideration we have choosen our first "Diamond of the Day". This was very hard because all of the applicants are all very talented. This young lady shows drive and preserverance and we wanted to feature her and let everyone know what Southern Hospitality Catering Services,LLC has to offer.

Name: Leslie Minter

Location: Hampton Roads Area & Beyond

Company: Southern Hospitality Catering Services, LLC

Years in Business: Since 2004 (close to 7 years)

Website: Facebook- at this time

What is your niche? (Wedding Planner, Florist, Caterer..??)

*Caterer. Small scale in both the Corporate and Social Markets. Personal Chef.*

What inspired you to open your own business?

*Had explored other fields and wanted to get back to what I/We knew.*

What is the one thing that makes your company stand out? You can only use 3 words?

*Service, Taste & Quality*

If you could give back to the community, what would you do?

* Hold a Block Party in/for the neighboorhood that I grew up in. It's the people, surroundings and lessons I have learned that made me who I am and how I run my business today.

As the owner of Pure Dymonds Events, I can say that this lady is truely talented along with her husband Robert Minter who is the Head Chef and also Co-owner of Southern Hospitality Services, LLC. This husband and wife duo really knows how to make a wonderful meal and a very inticing presentation. I have had the pleasure of using them for my company's Launch Party and would like to share some pictures of their mouth watering work.


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Creative Children Birthday Party Ideas

As each year passes in a child’s life, there is always a birthday waiting to be
celebrated and an eager child waiting for a celebration with friends, balloons,cakes and of course presents. Children with birthdays in late spring, summer and early fall have the luxury of endless birthday party possibilities such as barbeque's, theme parks and even pool parties but what about the children with birthdays in late fall, winter and early spring? Starting in November (a couple weeks earlier in some places) outdoor parties are usually out of the question because of loweredtemperatures and drastic season changes.
Here at Pure Dymonds Events we believe that nothing is impossible for our clients so here are some tips for having winter birthday parties for children.

Older children are easier to plan for just because they know exactly what
they want. For ages 8 and up a great winter party idea would be a slumber pool
party. Now you’re probably wondering how that’s possible but a great idea would be to rent room at a hotel and host a slumber party there. Hotels such as Best Western, Hampton Inn and all Marriott’s have indoor pools and lush lobby areas where you could have the dinner and cake but also have a free breakfast in the morning for the children. Incorporate different themes such as a Hawaiian luau or a just a regular beach party equipped with grass skirts and flowered leis.The party could be co ed but when its time for the slumber party the opposite sex children would go home with excellent memories and party favors.

Another idea could be a winter wonderland adventure.If you live in an area
where there is snow you can host a winter wonderland equipped with snowball
fights and snowmen contest. Of course all the children will have to be wrapped
up tightly and accompanies with mittens, hats and warm winter coats but this
would be a fun reenactment of the movie snow day and allow the children to havean interactive party. After about 2 hours outside you could bring all the children inside for a hot cocoa and cake. A nice idea would be to allow the children to make their own snow globes, which is simple and fun and doubles as a party favor.

For toddlers and preschoolers, a great idea would be to host a princess
party or a safari themed party for boys.Having a themed party indoors takes way the dullness from not being able to go outdoors. For little girls a princess part could be equipped with tiaras, wands, princess skirts and party favors for all girls such as jeweled rings and ankle bracelets. The girls could have tea cups and pastries after they get their nails painted. For the boys at the safari themed party they could have different animal costumes and actually go on a hunt for treasures (just Easter eggs filled with candy or prizes). Activities can include the treasure hunt, painting masks (animal) and various wildlife activities.

Having a party indoors can be dull but if you add the right pizazz or theme
and incorporate the child’s wants with practical ideas then the party will be a
success. At any party whether winter or not one key principle is keep your eyes
on the children at all times and make sure they are all safe. Hope these tips
are a success for all parents throwing parties in the colder months of the year.