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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ostrich Feather Centerpieces for your Next Event

Want to add a classy look to your next event? Then why not consider purchasing or renting Ostrich Feather Centerpieces. These lovely centerpieces come in an array of different color in feathers. Pure Dymonds Events now offers these centerpieces not only just for renting but you can now purchase them for keeps.

If you have an event and would like to play off the color scheme why not add accents of those colors in your feathers. Whether it is an Black Tie Affair or a Bridal Shower these centerpieces will give your event that "WOW" factor.

If you are interested in purchasing or renting these centerpieces please contact us for a price quote.Below is an idea of what each kit comes with. We offer many different colors in feathers to tie your event all together.

Kit includes :

Vase, Off White feathers&foam; bouquet holders to keep feathers in place .

•Easy to assemble!

These centerpieces may be rented or purchased.

We now carry two sizes:

40" Drab Centerpiece

1 - 24" White Eiffel Tower Vase, made from high quality glass.

25pcs. of 12"-16" Ostrich Drab Feathers ( body feathers ). Off White is our most popular color for these centerpieces. These make beautiful centerpieces; however, if you wish to get the fuller affect, you may want to add a few extra feathers to your order. This will be an additional charge.

Foam Bouquet Holders to hold the feathers in place.

These make great wedding centerpieces or table decorations for any event.

Floralytes are additional and are available in white, amber, orange, red, blue, green, teal, pink. At times we may be able to order other colors so just ask.

Customer is required to pay for all shipping and taxes

40" Femme Wing Centerpiece

Same as above except:
20pcs. of 14"-17" Long Ostrich Femme Wing Feathers . Off White is our most popular color for these centerpieces.

For more information visit us at :http://www.puredymondsevents.com

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Centerpiece Design for Dress for Success Suit & Salad Luncheon

It was such a pleasure to be asked to be apart of a special event such as Dress for Success. I was contacted by Blair Presley to see if I would like to do the design for their centerpieces for the luncheon. Of course I said yes because it was for a good cause and I believe in giving back. After speaking with the Director Mrs. Deborah Dandridge I was able to take her ides and make it come to life with our vision and it turned out beautiful.

We decided to go with centerpieces that were high and try to bring some outside natural elements to the piece. After completing the design to show to the client come to find out Lily's where Mrs. Deborah's favorite and she had no idea that was my main flower of choice.

I would like to give special thanks to Greg Boyd from GregbStudios for taking such fabulous pictures of our work. He was able to catch the richness of the lilys and make the piece come alive in the photos. You can check out more of his work by visiting him at http://www.gregbstudios.com

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Excited to Annouce We now offer Couture Baby Shower,Couture Bridal Luncheons and Kids Parties.

We are so happy to let everyone know that we now offer 3 fabulous new services. We offer Couture Baby Showers,Couture Bridal Luncheons and Themed Kids Parties. We decided to offer these services because most people are tired of the same old baby and kids parties. They tend to be quite drab and boring. There really isn't any bright colors or things to look at. Mom's are tired of doing the Chucky Cheese parties and want something fresh and new. Now there is nothing wrong with going to these places but after awhile it becomes really stale.

Offering these services will be something new and fresh that the adults and children will love. Our events will be totally designed with the client in mind to match their favorite color, food, or even favorite item. We would like to bring a more adult feel for our co-ed baby showers.

Photo Credit:Rhee Bevere / via The Flirty Guide

The children's parties will focus on a much grander scale such as their favorite children's TV character to their favorite foods,toys and more. We love exploring with color and want to show our versatility with using different texture and patterns to tie the whole event together.

Please visit us at http://www.puredymondsevents.com to book your one of a kind Couture Party. We customize these parties to fit the client needs.We hope you tell your friends and families of our new service addition and we hope to hear from you soon.


Monday, May 10, 2010

Been Gone for a Minute but I am Back!!

So, I have been gone for awhile, but I am 100% back and totally revitalized. I had to take some time off for me and get refocused. So that is what I did and now I am back. I have decided to get on a healthy kick and start working out. I have joined the Insanity Workout Movement. I have decided to take this journey to reshape my body,mind and soul. I needed to be a better me to give you a better me. I have been working out with Insanity for 7 weeks strong now and just love it. I am definitely transforming and feeling better. If you have never heard about the Insanity program it is almost like P90x but just a 60 day program instead of a 90 day. I hope to continue on to do P90x.If you would like to follow my journey you can by going here. If you have any questions or need advice just feel free to drop me a note.

If you are a bride or someone that just wants to look and feel great, this program will help to take off the inches so that you can get into that wedding dress and overall just give you more energy to feel better through out the day.

Follow me here and watch me transform---www.jerzeediva1.wordpress.com