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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Wedding Season Has Begun....Wooo Hooo

I have been really wondering when this whole wedding season is about to pick up. For a few months it has been looking really grim and then all of the sudden. BOOOM!I start getting leads...It is such a wonderful feeling and I am so ready for 2009 to come in and to be a very successful year.

If you are a bride to be and are looking for a wedding coordinator then you have reached the right person. Pure Dymonds Events can coordinate you wedding from beginning to end or just the Day of. Whatever you are looking for we have. We are now even renting chair covers,sashes,charges and vases for you wedding decor.

I really think 2009 is the year to get married and to explore the possibility of being different and thinking outside of the box.

Saturday, December 20, 2008


Pure Dymonds Events is pleased to annouce that we have expanded into now renting chair covers and sashes for weddings/events. We have an array of colorful sashes to meet your color theme. We have chair covers for banquet and folding chairs. Please visit us at http://puredymondsevents.com for more information. We also ship nationwide anywhere in the US. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help other wedding planners, vendors or anyone looking to throw a fabulous event.

Thank You,

Trish E.

Pure Dymonds Events

Friday, December 12, 2008

10 New Winter Wedding Ideas

Are you planning a winter wedding? Try one of these 10 ways to make a winter celebration stand out and truly sparkle.

Here are 10 ways to reinvent your winter wedding.

1. Wedding Colors
Reds and greens certainly reflect the season, but overdo this color combo, and your wedding may seem more holiday-oriented than you intended.

What's Hot Now: Consider a less-is-more approach to your color palette: Silver and white with crystal accents can add some serious glamour to your winter wedding. For your ceremony, try a white velvet aisle runner trimmed with white satin ribbon, or decorate the altar with a crystal curtain backdrop adorned with hanging strands of elegant white phalaenopsis orchids. If you're exchanging vows outdoors, get your guests in on creating the ambience by giving out clear umbrellas to friends and family members as they arrive.

2. The Flowers
Red roses, calla lilies, and amaryllis are decidedly winter wedding flowers, but if you step outside the flower box, and you'll find a variety of options for winter blooms.

What's Hot Now: Consider fuller flowers, such as white hydrangeas and soft ranunculuses. White boutonnieres can be handsome when they're accented with greenery, but they also look great with a simple white ribbon. Add sparkle to your bouquet by wrapping the stems in ribbon embellished with crystals.

3. Invitations
Since winter weddings are usually held indoors (it's an ideal time for ballroom receptions), they often call for a more formal invitations.

What's Hot Now: A black-tie event is nicely conveyed by heavy cardstock and a navy blue, chocolate-brown, or even eggplant font with hand calligraphy. For a fresh way to achieve a formal tone for your winter wedding, use thick, frosted Plexiglas invitations in white scripted ink. Send the sturdy invites out to all your guests tucked into silver envelope liners.

4. Centerpieces
Go beyond glowing candles to add both warmth and romance to your reception site.

What's Hot Now: If you want to heighten the drama, bring in the icy outdoors with ice-carved vases on your reception tables. Have your florist fill the vases with tall winter-white branches and hanging crystals to reflect the light from the tables. Surround the centerpieces with votive candles, and top your tables with white dupioni table linens and frosted glass china.

5. Escort Cards
Miniature sleighs and holly motifs stamped onto your escort cards would spell out the season pretty clearly, but they might not dazzle your guests.

What's Hot Now: Leave everyone awestruck as they retrieve their escort cards by making the entire table sparkle. Have the cards hand-calligraphed in silver ink and attach them to individual crystals with a ribbon. Hang each from an oversized crystal candelabra centerpiece for a new take on the popular escort card tree.

Friday, December 5, 2008

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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Planning Your Perfect Wedding - Good Wedding Planners Care That Your Perfect Marriage is Successful

The wedding industry is a funny thing. It's a huge industry motivated by profits, but the people in it wind up holding some of the most intimate and amazing moments of your life and caring about them and you. Your photographers and your videographers know how you move and think. Everybody knows how you worry and solve problems and how you feel about marrying one another. But other than (hopefully) your wedding celebrant or clergy, no one is more invested in the success of your marriage than your Wedding Planner or Bridal Consultant.

But a lot of people never consider how personally your Wedding Planner takes your wedding. You spend hours working together; they have been listening to your dreams and helping you flesh them out. When you plan your wedding, you don't just talk about what kind of fish you want at the rehearsal dinner, you talk about why you want your wedding ceremony to take place under a large tree and what promises you are willing to make to one another in your wedding vows. You've talked about the kind of marriage you want, so he or she can help you create a wedding that supports those values.

They take supporting your marriage very seriously. They're working for you and your success. They want you to have a beautiful wedding and a wonderful marriage. Use their great energy, focus and good wishes to keep building toward the life you want.

They're not family, or one person's friend, they are invested in both of you and your relationship and your wedding. So, hiring a WP doesn't just net you an easy process with an end result that reflects your wedding dreams, it gives you someone who believes in you. That's a pretty great thing to take from a business deal!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Is there a need for a resource guide for Event/Wedding Planning Professionals?

Is there a need for a resource guide for Event/Wedding Planning Professionals?
If there was a guide for wedding professionals, would you use it? *
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Would you buy an online magazine to help your business? *
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Would you like to know what's going around the country and world in the event wedding businees? *
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Would you like to place an ad in the magize that would also produce leads for brides *
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If you could read anything in this resource book/magazine, what would you want to read about? Tell us here.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Cup Cake Wedding: The New Craze

A cupcake wedding cake can add a whimsical touch to an already enjoyable situation. Your guests are sure to appreciate the originality. In fact, wedding cupcakes make wonderful conversation pieces.

In addition to costing less money, cupcake wedding cakes are easier to handle and not as messy. Transporting cupcakes is a lot easier than carrying a large cake with multiple layers. In most cases, cupcake wedding cakes can be assembled at the reception hall rather than at the bakery. Because they’re individually wrapped, the bride and groom don’t have to worry about cutting a cake and the reception staff doesn’t have to deal with plating up slices for each guest. In fact, they needn’t be served at all. Each guest can pluck a cupcake from the tower or “cupcake bar” and carry it back to his or her own table. Cupcakes are also easier to carry home for the guest who would love a piece of cake, but would rather not eat it at the reception.

Pure Dymonds Events Services

Our most popular package provides the best value by offering complete planning assistance from engagement to honeymoon and on your wedding day we will be the last to leave your reception gathering cards and gifts and personal belongings that may have been left behind.

D├ęcor and Design Development
Attend Meetings with Key Wedding Professionals
Establish and Monitor your wedding Budget
Prepare Deposit and Payment Schedules
Establish and Monitor Checklist of Tasks
Coordinate and Attend Menu Tastings
Review all Vendor Contracts prior to signing
Coordinate all vendor details, deliveries, set-up and tear-downs
Trouble-shoot the unexpected
Develop and distribute a timeline of events for Bridal Party, Family and VIP guests
Provide Guest List Management and oversee RSVPs
Prepare detailed Reception Site Room Diagram
Oversee Rehearsal
Oversee Wedding Day including Set-up and Tear-down
Set Place Cards and Favors
Secure Wedding Gifts and Cards
Distribute final payments and gratuities

We also offer the following services
To complement a second-to-none experience on your big day, we can also organize the following for you:

Music & Entertainment
Photos & Video
Priest or Wedding Official
Wedding Attire. Suppliers & Hire

Our Services Include:

Complete Wedding Coordination:
This package was designed for the bride that desires assistancethroughout the entire planning process. We will work closely with you offering guidance and advice each step of the way.

Rehearsal & Day Of Wedding Coordination:
This package was designed for the bride that wants to plan the entirewedding herself, but needs a professional to ensure details are notoverlooked on her special day.

Special Event Planning :
We can assist you in the process of planning a corporate event, aperfect proposal, anniversary celebration, vow renewal, baby shower,wedding shower, etc.

Holiday Decor & Installation:
We provide custom Christmas flowers and decor for businesses andresidences. Contact us today for a complimentary meeting to discussyour holiday needs.

Destination WeddingPlanning:
The perfect, stress-free Destination Wedding and Honeymoon is a breeze when you have the benefit of our experience on your side.

Each package can be customized to fit your needs. Contact us today to set up your complimentary consultation or for a free price quote.

Wedding Planning with Pure Dymonds Events

Who is Pure Dymonds Event you may ask?

Just wanted to introduce myself for those of you who don't know me. My name is Trish and I am a wedding/event planner located out of Virgina .I am the owner of a wonderful company called Pure Dymonds Events. At first it never started out that way, I was going in a different direction. I always like weddings and the pretty dresses the brides would wear. I always wanted one of those big elaborate weddings myself but that never happened. So, I went to school and received my degree in Criminal Justice. Now what does Criminal Justice have to do with event planning? Absolutely nothing..WOMP! But after I finished school, I decided to go back to school for Massage Therapy..Yeah, that's right I am a Massage Therapist. But somewhere in doing that something hit me like a big crator and I woke up and realized that I was really good at planning events.

I am apart of a motorcycle club and yes I do ride a bike. We always put on really big events and I am always the one to put it together. All of our events have been really out of the box and original. People started to notice what a good job I was doing and wanted me to do their parties. It got to be out of control because I was doing it for free. Even in my massage business I was doing Spa parties for the brides and they loved it. I would ask them to put it together but it got to the point where they wanted me to do all of the work. So Pure Dymonds Events started to evolve into something I really loved doing, which was putting on out of the box, fabulous events.

Now all I ever do is eat, think and watch wedding shows..I am so obsessed with trying to come up with new innovative ways of doing things, but I guess that is why I am good at what I do. Pure Dymonds Events is finally one of my dreams come true. I love what I do and hopefully, you will give me the chance to show you what I do.

"A brides day should be a day to remember forever"

Press Release for High Profile Wedding

Press Release

Date: November 18th, 2008

Announcing the Wedding of the Century!

There will be a wedding for a high profile client, and this will not your typical cookie cutter wedding. Everyone that is “Who's Who” will be in attendance for this fabulous Wedding of the Century in NYC for the summer of 2010. This event would be a great opportunity for you, if you are looking for more exposure and are willing to donate or sponsor your services.
This will be your opportunity to not only show of your work but to be compensated by massive promotions about your business through media, print, web, as well it will be aired live. This prestigious event will place your business not only in forefront but as a high profile platinum/elite vendor.

If you would like more information and to be a part of this great affair, please contact:

Tricia Epps
Pure Dymonds Events