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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Planning Your Perfect Wedding - Good Wedding Planners Care That Your Perfect Marriage is Successful

The wedding industry is a funny thing. It's a huge industry motivated by profits, but the people in it wind up holding some of the most intimate and amazing moments of your life and caring about them and you. Your photographers and your videographers know how you move and think. Everybody knows how you worry and solve problems and how you feel about marrying one another. But other than (hopefully) your wedding celebrant or clergy, no one is more invested in the success of your marriage than your Wedding Planner or Bridal Consultant.

But a lot of people never consider how personally your Wedding Planner takes your wedding. You spend hours working together; they have been listening to your dreams and helping you flesh them out. When you plan your wedding, you don't just talk about what kind of fish you want at the rehearsal dinner, you talk about why you want your wedding ceremony to take place under a large tree and what promises you are willing to make to one another in your wedding vows. You've talked about the kind of marriage you want, so he or she can help you create a wedding that supports those values.

They take supporting your marriage very seriously. They're working for you and your success. They want you to have a beautiful wedding and a wonderful marriage. Use their great energy, focus and good wishes to keep building toward the life you want.

They're not family, or one person's friend, they are invested in both of you and your relationship and your wedding. So, hiring a WP doesn't just net you an easy process with an end result that reflects your wedding dreams, it gives you someone who believes in you. That's a pretty great thing to take from a business deal!

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