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Friday, November 21, 2008

Cup Cake Wedding: The New Craze

A cupcake wedding cake can add a whimsical touch to an already enjoyable situation. Your guests are sure to appreciate the originality. In fact, wedding cupcakes make wonderful conversation pieces.

In addition to costing less money, cupcake wedding cakes are easier to handle and not as messy. Transporting cupcakes is a lot easier than carrying a large cake with multiple layers. In most cases, cupcake wedding cakes can be assembled at the reception hall rather than at the bakery. Because they’re individually wrapped, the bride and groom don’t have to worry about cutting a cake and the reception staff doesn’t have to deal with plating up slices for each guest. In fact, they needn’t be served at all. Each guest can pluck a cupcake from the tower or “cupcake bar” and carry it back to his or her own table. Cupcakes are also easier to carry home for the guest who would love a piece of cake, but would rather not eat it at the reception.

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