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Monday, January 16, 2012

New Spring Color Palette for 2012 Weddings

The spring color palette for 2012 is bright,fun and chic. I am in love with the Tangerine and Cabaret. This wedding season is full of so much potential,I can't wait to design some out of the box weddings with color.



Sunday, January 15, 2012

Bridal Party Shoe Heel Protector

I am always looking for great ideas. I found this fantastic idea for the brides maids that have really cute shoes on that are in a outdoor wedding. Check out this really cool innovative way to protect the heals from sinking in the grass.



I Finally met Preston Bailey

I have finally had the chance to meet one of the people who inspire me to keep designing fabulous events. This person of course was Preston Bailey and boy was this a treat. Preston Bailey came to the Virginia Hilton as a guest for the Uniquely Yours Bridal Show. At this cocktail event he met with the guest and gave a 1 1/2 speech that consisted of a presentation and Q&A. I was able to speak with him before his speech and just chat a bit. During his speech he was so down to earth and so real. He talked about the ins and outs of the business and how he was human and makes mistakes just like anybody else.

The one thing that I will always remember is that he said" If you don't love what you do then maybe you shouldn't be doing it". At that point it ignited a fire in me and he hit it on point. I knew I was in the right business because I Love what I do. This meeting was truly special to be and it will forever be apart of me. I would like to thank a really good friend and my associate Carla Walker from Touche Wedding and Event planning for pushing me to show up. I would not have missed it for the world. Here is a picture of us after he signed his latest book Preston Bailey Flowers.