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Monday, November 22, 2010

Cupcakes and Cocktails

Ladies Night is always a lot of fun and giggles when the ladies get together. I decided to host one for a group of ladies that felt like they needed one day out of the month to just relax and be around other diverse women as themselves. I came up with the theme Cupcakes and Cocktails because nothing is better than having a gourmet cupcake and a fun cocktail drink.

I picked the color palette of pink,black and white to be that pop of color for the room. Of course the cupcakes were the center of attention. I decided to get a variety of different ones to match the personalities of all the ladies. We even took the Wii out and had a great time trying to figure out how to play the game.

Here are a few pictures we took of that great night. ENJOY


Night Club Themed Retirement Party

I had the honor of creating a fabulous Retirement Party for a lady that was retiring from the Coast Guard after 20 years. When we spoke it was like an automatic connection since her name also was Tricia. I thought that was just fate to work with someone with the same name. She expressed to me that she wanted her event to be fun with a lot of dancing, intimate seating and a great ambiance of color and lights.

I took her thoughts and created a Miami Chic Night Club theme. It worked out perfect and she was speechless. The color pallette we chose was purple and lime green.We took that information and created fabulous layout, which ended up being a night she would always remember.

Take a peek into the room and ENJOY!