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Monday, May 10, 2010

Been Gone for a Minute but I am Back!!

So, I have been gone for awhile, but I am 100% back and totally revitalized. I had to take some time off for me and get refocused. So that is what I did and now I am back. I have decided to get on a healthy kick and start working out. I have joined the Insanity Workout Movement. I have decided to take this journey to reshape my body,mind and soul. I needed to be a better me to give you a better me. I have been working out with Insanity for 7 weeks strong now and just love it. I am definitely transforming and feeling better. If you have never heard about the Insanity program it is almost like P90x but just a 60 day program instead of a 90 day. I hope to continue on to do P90x.If you would like to follow my journey you can by going here. If you have any questions or need advice just feel free to drop me a note.

If you are a bride or someone that just wants to look and feel great, this program will help to take off the inches so that you can get into that wedding dress and overall just give you more energy to feel better through out the day.

Follow me here and watch me transform---www.jerzeediva1.wordpress.com

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Nathan said...

I have been using the Insanity workout system now for three weeks and I love it! it is great for people who want to reshape their bodies by burning off a ton of calories.

Nathan McCabe