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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Pure Dymonds Events-Interview with Nuvoira Photography

Nuvoria was established in October of 2009, and ever since then they have grown with their experience. I had a chance to interview them about themselves, the company, and how it came to be.They first got the idea to start the business when they went on a family trip to the Shenandoah Valley with their uncle. He was actually the one who inspired them to use their talents as a means to make a profit. "Why not do something you love, while also making money," they both had quoted. They went for it, and they succeeded. Most people don't enjoy their career path, but they have a few reasons why they do. They love to meet new people, and experience the culture they have. It helps them to branch out with their knowledge, and also helps them to network. In which networking also boosts up their clientèle, allowing them to pursue more work. Different people come with different personalities right? Other wise everyone would be the same, and that's where they find their inspiration, along with the environment.Not only do they provide photography, they also provide cinematography, and another one in the works! This company has the ability to capture moments that many would miss,and they make everyday things so beautiful. I had an enjoyable interview with them, they were very helpful with everything. On behalf of Pure Dymonds Events, this company is highly recommended!

Below is a link to their website, and a few pictures and videos




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