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Monday, September 26, 2011

Destination Wedding in the Bahamas

This summer I had the opportunity to go to the beautiful island of the Bahamas. The weather was perfect both day and night. Yes, a little on the hot side, but the breeze made it just right. Luckily the resort I stayed at had it's own private beach, 4 pools, and one of them was an infinity pool! But, enough of the resort.

On the first day that i was there I saw people setting up for a destination wedding. The decor was just so beautiful! A couple hours later people started coming, and everyone was dressed so well. Although I didn't attend, i did get to witness a destination wedding on the lawn of the resort. It truly looked like a scene out of one of those romance movies.

The breeze was cooling, and the weather was perfect. The bride was stunning, and the groom looked so anxious waiting for her to go down the isle. Keep in mind we were just looking from afar, away from the actual wedding. But, even from the distance I could see the groom's anticipation, and excitement to see his bride. Then it happened, the music played, and the bride came. Everyone was in awe with how beautiful she was. Well, needless to say the ceremony was beautiful, especially with the sun slowly setting in the background.

I would definitely recommend for everyone to visit the Bahamas at least once in their life. It really is a beautiful place to enjoy a vacation. These pictures don't do it enough justice.

***Note- Pictures by Shayne Ramirez.


Shayne R.

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