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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Paper Flowers- Get Creative

I remember back in grade school we use to make paper flowers all the time. I never thought that paper flowers would be the new craze for decor for any type of paper. They are so easy to make!

All you need is:
8-10 sheets of tissue paper from any craft or dollar store
piece of twin,floral wire or a stapler.

Easy Step-by-Step Directions:
1. Layer 8-10 sheets of 20x20" tissue paper on top
of one another. For a greater impact, you can
mix two (or more) colors together.
2. Fold the tissue paper in 1-11⁄2 sections, back and
forth in an accordion/fan fold.
3. Once folded, secure the tissue by twisting floral
wire around the middle.
4. For prettier “petals”, trim each end of the tissue
into rounded or pointed corners. For a more dahlia looking
style of flower, cut a small slit (about 1" deep)
in the middle of the rounded edges.
5. Now you are ready to open your flower. Carefully (so
you don’t tear the tissue) separate the tissue layers
on the left and right side towards the center.
6. Once you have separated all the tissue layers, fluff
and shape your flower to your desired look.
7. The finished flowers can be hung from the ceiling
or light fixtures using fishing wire, or attach them to
dowel rods for stems and arrange in a vase. You can
also attach the flowers to chairs, railing, trees, and
bushes using the attached floral wire.



Photo Credit~~Martha Stewart Weddings

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sandeep sharma said...

I made these amazing paper flowers to hang up at Thanksgiving. I found a wonderful tutorial for them and I will link her blog in the next post.

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