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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Beautiful Backdrops

Have you ever been in banquet room and the walls where just horrendous? Nothing about the color of paint or wall paper screamed and said that your event was elegant or chic. Do you just settle for the ugliness or do you try to come up with an alternative idea?

Backdrops seem to cure most of the problems. Of course there are many different kinds to choose from and you have to pick which one will fit with the look you are trying to achieve. Check out some of these really cool ideas for backdrops that I have found.

Stage Backdrops:
Stage backdrops consist of drapes with many fabrics to choose from and mobile frames that connect to the stage to hold up the drapes. Perfect to put behind a speaker, head table and runways

Sheer Drapes:
Can be used to hide unpleasant looking walls or give your room a airy feel to it.

Vintage Ribbon Backdrop:
Which can be made out of any stylish ribbon to match the decor of your event.You can mix and match your ribbons.Just have fun picking out different textures and seeing what will be a hit.

When planning your next event,consider trying out a backdrop and see how it transform the room.

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