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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Keeping Motivated in the Event Planning World

I wanted to take this time to talk about what I go through as a designer in the event planning industry. I wasn't quite sure if I should even discuss my feelings in a blog, however that is what your blog is for.To talk about what you are going through, what you feel, your trials and tribulations and your accomplishments. So I decided to dedicate this post on how I keep from getting De-Motivated in this industry.

It's summer time now and you would think that everyone that is a planner is flourishing. But to the contrary some of us are either at a standstill or just getting by however we can. Yes it is true that many brides get married in the spring and summer but I also think that is depends on where you are located whether or not you will be busy. We all know what they say "It's about who you know" and who I am referring to is the Hotel Catering Sales Mangers. If your not on the preferred vendors list you pretty much will not hear from them because they already have their favorites. So you have to work really hard and network with them to get your name out there and to show them you can be a great representation of what they consider a top knotch planner. Now you ask yourself, " Is that fair?" And we all know the answer to that question. No! but it's what it is.

I figured out that it is all about re-inventing yourself and the products that you offer to your clients. If I take a look at what I offer, I am not only a designer but I also have a rental company. I made it like that to be able to offer a one stop shop to my clients.It is such a pain when you have a bride that wants chair covers and sashes and you are the one designing the wedding and she has to go to several other vendors to get what she needs.Just being able to provide unique services that will benefit the clients is a plus.It's all about how you present the product to them to help make the process easier.

Working with the local vendors in a big thing. You have got to create a great working relationship with the local photographers,rental companies and bakers. These people are key in your network, because there is always an opportunity to refer clients to one another. But the problem is so many of us think we can do it all by ourselves and that is not the case. I find that when you create a bond with the local vendor it helps to get your name out there and also creates a great working relationship because they are normally the first names to roll of the tongue when someone asks do you have someone. However, just by having these great connections are no more good to you or me if we don't keep in contact with each other. It's like you fade into the sunset and you both kinda forget about each other. Then your all upset when your not getting the referrals because the bond has been broken.We as planners need to work harder on preserving all the great connections that we have made through out our careers.

Staying motivated is hard if you don't have the will power to want to succeed. It is so easy to just give up and say that your business is not doing well so therefore your quiting or taking time off. But I refuse to give up because I am a go-getter. I love a challenge and when I see that things might be slow, I focus on other things that I can make better in my business. Planners seem to forget that just because you have a wedding every weekend or a party that other things need attention as far as networking, education in the field, getting feedback from your previous clients on how to better what you do. There is just so much that can be done but because we focus on the dollars we of course forget about the other areas and would rather just throw in the towel then to find a solution on how to get back on top of the game.

My question to you is "Are you a go-getter or just a wannna be?" And when things get bad are you a quitter or fighter?

When you see your motivation decreasing do to lack work, or customers not needing what you have to offer at this time because of their financial situation,what will you do to survive in this industry?


tinzley said...

I can suggest you adjust your sails a bit and maybe try a different approach. Trust me there are many people who need this service just got to make the right connections and soon things will keep blooming! I definitely don't quit I believe we can all learn a little bit of something from everyone no matter who they are.

lusso 101 said...

I can so relate to this. I have to continue to motivate myself. You have to step back sometimes and breathe.

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