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Monday, August 23, 2010

Alicia Keys Butterfly Inspired Baby Shower Montage

There is a boom of celebrity babies popping up for the year of 2010. I wanted to to share my vision as a designer on how I would orchestrate a fabulous baby shower for one of my favorite singers Mrs. Alicia Keys.

We all know that she finally announced that she was pregnant by Switz Beats and they are truly happy for the new baby to arrive. But has Mrs. Alicia though about how she would do her baby shower? Well I have and thought it would be nice to share some ideas on what she could do if she was expecting a girl. By looking at some of her pictures,I have an idea by her size that maybe her baby is due in December but of course that is just my opinion.

I decide to pick a butterfly themed baby shower. Alicia's first song that she wrote was titled "Buttefrlyz" and I wanted to bring in elements of all of her favorite things that she would share if she had a little girl.

I really love the color purple and found out that Alicia Keys favorite color is purple so of course that would be the ideal color to choose. I would probably add in silver with touches of pink to give it more of a chic look. Her favorite kind of cake is vanilla ice cream with chocolate fudge so I would want to create maybe a layered ice cream cake that had her favorite color for icing with some butterflies touches. Now seeing as though she is pregnant I would offer her guest different shots of milk in shot glass for a more elegant yet classic feel. Alicia is unable to drink whole milk so of course I would bring out her favorite which would be almond milk and offer a variety of whole,skim,chocolate,strawberry and of course almond milk to her guest with some butterfly cookies stirring sticks.

I would layer the tables with different shades of purple to bring out depth and it soften it a bit.To keep the butterfly theme going I found this really cute butterfly cage to be the centerpiece which would hold live butterflies. Of course many of you may say butterflies are more for spring or summer themed events but who made that rule? You should not have to be limited to do what you like during certain times of the year. Her guest favors would be either little sterling silver butterfly jewelry boxes or perfume bottles with the crystal bottoms.

If you could do a celebrity baby shower, who would you pick and what you do?


Stacy and Carol said...

She looks beautiful. My how maternity clothes have changed. We used to hide it and wear granny looking clothes. Now they make awesome cute beautiful flattering maternity wear! Just a tip the words are really hard to read. It may be just my eyes. You might want to make the font a little bigger or brighter. Nice blog though! Signed up as a new follower. Saw you at the MBC!

Alicia said...

Hi, I really like the designs you put together for butterfly/Alicia Keys. I'm following you from Mom bloggers club. Stop by and visit me at Healthy Living And A Balanced You

Isis said...

I love Alicia Key, Butterflies and your blog! Visiting from MBC, I'm your newest blogger. Please return the favor!


Leigh Edwards said...

Hi...I love all things entrepreneurial and love the fact that you share your vision.

I'm your newest follower from MBC and I've given you an award. When you get a moment, stop by my blog to pick it up:)

To Your Success!

Lisa Ladrido said...

What a beautiful Baby shower! Your blog is beautiful along with your talent!
Your newest follower!~Lisa

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Mayra Calvani said...

Following you from MBC. Please follow back! :-)