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Sunday, May 15, 2011

What can make YOUR party, THE party

So, here's the scenario. You wake up after a night of fun out at a friend's party, and you're laying in bed reminiscing about how amazing the previous night was. What do you first think of?The food and drinks? The music? The venue? Or was it just everything in one that you couldn't even pick?

There's so much that goes into planning a party that most people don't know. Of course there's the food, drinks, and music but what about the presentation of everything? The food can't be one side of the room, and the table all the way on the other. The DJ can't be where the tables are and the dance floor be no where close. The atmosphere of the party really gets things started. It sets the mood of how people first react when they come in, and for how the rest of the night goes. The people that come to the party is also a crucial factor of how the event turns out. No one wants boring,quiet, and shy guest but no one also wants loud, obnoxious guest. The ideal guest would be fun, easy going,and pleasant. The music has to fit the feel of the room as well. You wouldn't be playing loud, headbanger songs if you're having a nice retirement cocktail party right? Right. The music you would be playing would be soothing to the ears.

Party planners everywhere, whether it's your first or hundredth party that you're planning know(or at least should know), that even the smallest detail could make the biggest impact on how the party turns out. I hope that this may have helped someone.

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Happy Planning!

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