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Monday, March 14, 2011

Party in Style on a Party Bus

Each and every year people celebrate many occasions such as birthdays, bachelorette/bachelor parties, engagements and anniversaries. This year, how about trying a new approach to celebrate these occasions? Ever thought of renting a party bus? Sounds kind of awkward to have a party on a bus but the concept of a party bus is so much more then just a “party on a bus”.

Party buses provide transportation to club and bars while maintaining a more personal and intimate party with friends before and after arrival. When renting a party bus, there doesn’t have to be one friend that is assigned the role of designated driver so everyone can have a drink, if they want to, and still be safe. Equipped with music, led lights, leather seats, a party bus is a luxury on wheels. Some even come with LCD televisions!

Most buses can seat up to 40 people depending on the size or vehicle you desire. Starting at 100$ an hour and can go up to 200$ an hour, depending on what size and type of vehicle you choose, renting a party bus to drive you around town can be affordable and fun. Need some decorations for your bus? Here at Pure Dymonds Events, we will happily supply you with decorative apparel for your party bus. Pure Dymonds Events believes in exquisite service to our customers. Visit us today at www.puredymondsevents.com

Photo from:www.southerncalifornialimousine.com


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