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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Invitation To Remember

Every year the trends for weddings change and always seem to amaze brides-to-be. Today we're talking about invitations and how they are the attention grabber, the dress code definer, and the theme's voice. When announcing a wedding (or any event for that matter), the first thing that is seen are Save-The-Dates or invitations. So what can be expected in 2013? Neon, 3-D, gleam, and patterns.

"Bridal Guide" has listed the top trends for 2013 in various categories, but there's something about invitations that draws attention. With neon being one of the trends in invitations, professionals are saying add the pop of color, but not the entire piece. A little goes a long way.

3-D invitations are also coming into the trends this season. Whether they're embellishments, pop-ups, or just have a hint of glitter, ribbon, or wrapped in tissue paper, this trend is certainly making a statement.

Have you heard patterns and gleam are making their way into mailboxes as well? Depending on themes, patterns can be very elegant and tasteful (and even add a hint of neon!). Gleam has become a classy additive to invitations and seeing your initials or name printed is something that everyone looks forward to (especially when it's a gorgeous gold or silver). Patterns in the background can even bring the gleam to pop out and make that one invitation something to cherish for years to come.

Don't let your day be average; make it THE day! Invitations are a chance for you to bring out the personalities in you and your partner. Talk to your wedding or event planner/coordinator today about any options you may have; you never know what they may have in store!

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