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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Lemonade in the Summer Time

I love lemonade in the summer and found some really great ways on how to package them up for any type of summer event or party. Take at look on how creative you can get to make your presentation a hit.

Hostess with the Mostess

Daisey Cut Lid



My First Thailand Food Experience

I had the opportunity to catch up with my best friend of over 20 years this past weekend.My best friend Nisa just happens to be half Thai and I told her that I was ready to experience Thai Food finally. She took me to this little family style Thai Restaurant in Bloomfield NJ.I knew I was mentally ready to try something new and exciting. This was the perfect weekend to catch up with a really great friend and share great conversation over a lovely meal that she picked out for me.

My first course was Mussels that was in a lemon grass broth. I have never had mussels before and don't think I will be trying that again. But no worries my best fried told me that if I didn't want to eat them that she would eat the rest.

I was able to eat an alternative which was spring rolls and it was so yummy. Sorry but I forgot to take a pic of that.

My second course meal was a Pad Tai which was delicious. It has shrimp which is my favorite with bean sprouts,tofu,carrots,noodles,eggs and some other ingredients. Let's just say we finished that bowl.

Last but not least the last course was one of my favorites which was Mango with Coconut Sticky Rice.Mango is one of my favorite fruits and of course that was the first thing to go. Not sure where the sticky rice comes in but when you eat the two together it is a really nice combination.

To top this meal off I was introduced to a Thai Tea. This tea was different because it had milk in it. I was shocked when it came out but when I actually convinced myself to taste it I was quite surprised that it was not that bad. I still like the original ice tea with lemon and sugar but it was cool to do something different for a change.

My overall experience was great and I am so lucky that I have friends that are of all nationalities and that I am able to experience all of these wonderful foods from around the world.

What will I try next???



Elegant DIY Flower Box Centerpieces

I am always looking for creative DIY projects that I can design on my own. I ran across this lovely blog from Splendid Affairs on How to Make a Flower Box Centerpiece. The lovely diamond broach that was incorporated added a very elegant touch. I will be trying this project and will post our pictures...Stay tuned..

Photo Credit- Splendid Affairs



Thursday, May 19, 2011

Goodie Bags Aren’t Just for Children Parties

When planning an event people usually only give party favors at children’s birthday parties or weddings. Why is that? Who says giving your guest a small token of appreciation is for kids? As the host or hostess of an event, you should always let your guest know that you appreciate them attending your event but also leave them with good feelings. What better way to do that then personalized party favors? A personalized party favor could be a t-shirt with something symbolic to your event, something that will make the guest remember the good time they had.

Another good party favor could be a decorated picture frame or mug. You do not have to spend a fortune on these gifts, they can be home made, which is even better because it shows you took the time to really make your guest feel appreciated. Whatever unique idea you may have for a party favor, make sure that it is unisex and can be appreciated by your guest. Even if they never use it, you don’t want your male guest to be stuck with a feminine item and vice versa.

Happy Planning!

Stephanie -PDE

Sunday, May 15, 2011

"IDoBrunch" 2011 with Lynette Richardson-Hall

I have had the pleasure of attending the "IDOBrunch"2011 Soiree this year in Maryland. This event was produced by Lynette Richardson-Hall of "Who's Wedding is it Anyways" and also know as the "Wedding Diva".

I was not sure what to expect when registering for this event. I just knew that I needed to be there from all the great reviews from last year. So, I bought my ticket and headed out to this fabulous event. Of course all great events have a theme and this one caught my eye. It was all about the shoes and the purse. That was right up my alley since I love shoes.When I arrived on the day of the event all I could say was "WOW, this is FAB!". It was beautifully decorated with spring colors and the lights really put that added touch. The food preparation was out of the world not to mention that this was a brunch so we had breakfast and lunch items on the menu. Can you say " Double Dipped Bacon! I know your like what am I talking about but this bacon was the best thing I ever had. I guess you would have had to been there. It was doubled dipped in maple syrup and black pepper. The prize giveaways were out of this world also. They even gave a trip to Mexico which I wished I had won. They had an Q&A session which a lot of great questions and answers where given. Overall, I thought this event was just flawless and I look forward to seeing what is next for 2012.

Take a peek at some of the high lights of the event. If your a planner or aspiring to be one, well this event should be one on your list of things to do. You will not be sorry you attended.



What can make YOUR party, THE party

So, here's the scenario. You wake up after a night of fun out at a friend's party, and you're laying in bed reminiscing about how amazing the previous night was. What do you first think of?The food and drinks? The music? The venue? Or was it just everything in one that you couldn't even pick?

There's so much that goes into planning a party that most people don't know. Of course there's the food, drinks, and music but what about the presentation of everything? The food can't be one side of the room, and the table all the way on the other. The DJ can't be where the tables are and the dance floor be no where close. The atmosphere of the party really gets things started. It sets the mood of how people first react when they come in, and for how the rest of the night goes. The people that come to the party is also a crucial factor of how the event turns out. No one wants boring,quiet, and shy guest but no one also wants loud, obnoxious guest. The ideal guest would be fun, easy going,and pleasant. The music has to fit the feel of the room as well. You wouldn't be playing loud, headbanger songs if you're having a nice retirement cocktail party right? Right. The music you would be playing would be soothing to the ears.

Party planners everywhere, whether it's your first or hundredth party that you're planning know(or at least should know), that even the smallest detail could make the biggest impact on how the party turns out. I hope that this may have helped someone.

Photo courtesy of 4bostondj.com

Happy Planning!