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Monday, October 17, 2011

Spandex Lighted Lampshade Centerpieces

We decide to carry the Spandex Lighted Lampshade Centerpiece to offer a different kind of centerpiece for special events. This lampshade centerpiece comes with a spandex lighted base with crystals and a 24" trumpet vase. The spandex on the shades can be changed to match your events color decor. We offer different sizes in the shade from,cylinder shaped to a more square look. You can even use any vase of your choice to go with this lampshade unit. The light box last for over 12 hours and illuminates the objects that are placed in the glass vase.

This centerpiece is not only elegant and classy but it is also affordable. Get creative and add exciting elements into your vase such as live fish, water pearls beads, rocks,live flowers and more.

Please contact us to rent one of these fabulous centerpieces. Visit us today at www.ostrichfeathersbypuredymonds.com or call us at 757-952-6731.



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