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Monday, July 4, 2011

Hollywood Themed Inspired Prom

We have had the pleasure of doing some proms this year. One of the proms that we really enjoyed was a Hollywood Themed Inspired Prom. When we met with the students and found out the theme we were so excited to begin the design process. Their colors were very simple which consisted of black,white and red.A thought came to mind of old Hollywood because they used the feather boa's and that was so chic in those times. Since we specialize in Ostrich Feather Centerpieces and Mini Towers, I said it would be really cool to incorporate feathers into the school's theme.

We decided to add ostrich feather centerpieces as their table decor, ostrich feather mini towers for the main entrance,red carpet and red ropes for a fabulous entrance.We can't forget a grammy award statue to make it feel like a true hollywood event. Lighting was used to really pull it all together to give the room balance. All of these elements gave the prom the look and feel the students were looking for and it turned out to be a hit. Please see some of the photos from the event below.




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Michelle said...

Wow!! That Hollywood Theme was awesome. I wish I had a Prom like that. Great Job!! I'm a new follower from MCB.