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Friday, February 4, 2011

Pure Dymonds Events Makeover

As the New Year approached us, I decided that is was time for a new look for Pure Dymonds Events. We wanted a look that would truly res present who we are and what we represent. We went for a total makeover from our website,facebook page,twitter page,blog,business cards and our rack cards. I reached out to a company by the name of Savior Faire Media to help us with this transformation. Working with these ladies was such a pleasure. We were given strict directions on how the process would happen and what our role would be. I believe that having an open line of communication works well and it makes it easier to move forward on a big project such as this.

We are really happy on how everything turned out and wanted you to visit our sites and check out our new makeover.

Please visit our website at: http://www.puredymondsevents.com

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